ZipTuck - Blue

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ZipTuck Dress Shirt w/ liners - Blue


- ZipTuck is the only dress shirt that is 100% impossilbe to untuck or shift about through out the day! Keep it in your pants with ZipTuck today!

- Every ZipTuck comes with a pair of underliners that can be connected to the shirt to form one cohesive unit and acts as the anchor to the shirt. Keeping it in place all day long no matter what the day holds!

- ZipTuck is made with a cotton spandex blend meaning that the shirt moves with you! It has just enough stretch to move with you but has enough hold to give you that crisp profesinoal look you need!

- ZipTuck underlines are made with a Nylon Spandex Light Tricoat material is exteremly light and breathable!

- ZipTuck is machine washable and can be drycleaned and pressed as well!

- You should probaly get ever color

- #KeepItInYourPants