Our sizing is not like any other dress shirt sizing, because we are not like any other dress shirt!


In order to achieve the slim look that ZipTuck gives you we have incorporated waist size into the dress shirt sizing. This allows us to taper the shirt down and remove unnecessary loose fabric from the shirt. It doesn't sound like something that needs to be talked about when buying a shirt but think about it this way: Lets say you have a shoulder width of 44", so you need to buy a "Large" Dress shirt to give you enough room in the chest and shoulders. Now lets say with that 44" shoulder width you have a 32" waist. Well now your "Large" dress shirt that is 44"+ across is going to just drop down from there and expect you to tuck it all in. You don't have a 44" waist so now there is 12 EXTRA INCHES of fabric you need to tuck into your pants! Now yes, some shirts are going to account for this and will taper in a bit but how do they know how much if they aren't accounting your YOUR waist size exactly. You worked hard for that 32" waist, you should have a shirt that fits YOU.


When going to purchase your ZipTuck you will be asked to selected "Small" "Medium" "Large" or "XL". This is for your chest shoulders and arms. No need to overcomplicate this as whatever you would normally wear in you other Dress shirts or even T-shirts is what you should select for this.


After that you will be asked to select your waist size from 28" 30" 32" 34" or 36" and whatever size you are wearing in dress pants or jeans is what should be selected. We recommend sizing one size up to add a bit of extra breathing room! (see below)




Now, no one body is the same. Meaning that a Medium 32" ZipTuck is going to fit people differently based on their particular body. One thing we will not be able to account for is BMI or Body Fat Percentage and this can have an effect on how ZipTuck fits you and what size you need. In order to add waist size into the shirt, the shirt will begin to taper down in-between the 3rd and 4th button and will continue to slim down until it reaches the waist size at the zipper. Meaning that even if your waist is 32", if your BMI is high, you may need to size the waist up in order to account for the extra body fat around your stomach and love handles.


Based on your body type and active level you may need to size the waist up just to give some extra room.




The reverse is also possible, if you have a very low BMI you may find that you may even need to size the waist down as we have tried to make sizes a bit bigger for comfortability. Just depends on the look you are going for!


Again if this is your first ZipTuck and you have not yet found your size it is best to always to size up.


If you have any questions about your size you can always email us at