About us

Hello and welcome to Put together Apparel creators of the ZipTuck dress shirt - The only shirt that is 100% impossible to untuck or shift about throughout the day! ZipTuck was created by a frustrated salesman who was tired of looking like a trash bag by mid day when greeting his clients. Sure, his shirt looked perfect when he tucked it in in the morning, but soon after getting in and out of his car, reaching for materials, and just doing general tasks all day, the shirt would begin to shift about and untuck itself. Resulting in a look that was extremely unflattering. 


The problem was not anything the salesman was doing, but rather that the dress shirt was not designed to be tucked in. There is nothing anchoring it down to stay in place and your stuffing half the shirt into your pants. That doesn't sound like something that wants to be tucked in, that sounds like a shirt that is being forced to do what you want, not what it was designed to do. And right there is where we found that in order to create the perfect dress shirt that finally achieves the look we all want when we tuck it in in the morning, we had to solve two separate problems. 1) The shirt needs to anchored, other wise it will always try and shift about. And 2) The shirt needs to have no extra fabric at the bottom that needs to be "stuffed" in so we can avoid the puffy look around the belt that always occurs. 


ZipTuck solves both of those problems and is the only dress shirt that is designed from scratch to be tucked in. If anyone else claims that their shirt is impossible to untuck or was even meant to be tucked in, they are lying... even if they don't know it. ZipTuck isn't just a dress shirt, it is two pieces of clothing coming together to create one cohesive unit that stays in place all day. Every ZipTuck comes with a pair of underliners that act as the anchor to the shirt. The two have the ability to conjoin and separate by a zipper placed at the bottom of the shirt and the top of the underliners. This solves the first problem of anchoring the shirt down. The other very unique aspect of ZipTuck is that it accounts for the wearers waist size in order to taper down and mold to their body. This creates a slimmer look and more importantly, gets rid of all the extra fabric that would normally need to stuffed in the wearers pants. This solves the second issue getting rid of the bunching up and puffing up of fabric around the belt that occurs on traditional dress shirts. 


Your shirt wasn't designed to be tucked in, and as a result its going to spill out and make you look like a trash bag. You worked hard for that bod, get a shirt that is designed to show it off and complement you!