What is ZipTuck?

- ZipTuck is the only Dress shirt that is 100% impossible to untuck or shift about all day! It is the only dress shirt designed from scratch to stay tucked in all day and not bunch up around the belt like all other shirts do! This is achieved by pairing each dress shirt with a pair of underliners that can attach and detach to the shirt creating one cohesive piece of clothing anchoring the shirt in place.


Do I need to buy the Underliners separately?

- No! Every ZipTuck purchase comes with a pair of liners included.


Is this going to restrict my movement?

- Not at all! We have spent an unfortunate amount of time getting this just right and making sure you can still move about while looking sharp! The shirt material is a cotton spandex blend and the underliners are nylon spandex. But more importantly is the place meant of the zipper on the liners. The zipper is placed just under the waist band, meaning it is on the nylon spandex fabric and will stretch up, down, left and right with you, allowing freedowm of movement!


Am I going to get a wedgie?

- Its not a thong so no. But if that something enough people are into then we can certainly make that happen. Let us know at info@puttogetherapparel.com


How do I go to the bathroom?

- Every pair of underliners has a fly flap just like every other pair of underwear or boxers! As for the other one... Id recommend taking off your pants and unzipping the underwear from the shirt, but hey you do you.